Olivia Newport

Olivia Newport‘s novels blend the truths of where we find ourselves now with insights into what carried us in the past. A native of Illinois, where she grew up under the path of planes using the east-west runway of Chicago’s O’Hare airport, she also has lived in California and Washington before happily transplanting to Colorado more than two decades ago. Enjoying life with her husband and nearby grown children, she chases joy under the stunning blue sky at the foot of Pikes Peak, where her church is just down the hill and the walking-distance proximity of the local library was a deciding factor in the selection of her home. In addition to the timeslip Tree of Life series (The Inn at Hidden Run, In the Cradle Lies, When I Meet You, and What You Said to Me), Olivia’s books include historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and Amish contemporary and historicals. Visit olivianewport.com.

The Inn at Hidden Run (Tree of Life #1)

In the Cradle Lies (Tree of Life #2)

When I Meet You (Tree of Life #3)

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