My Daughter’s Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

Women of Strong Conviction

Virginia, 1864. Therese Jennings’s immediate family has never owned slaves—until her estranged maternal grandfather dies during the Civil War and leaves his slaves to them in his will. Upset with her widowed mother’s plan to accept this appalling inheritance, Therese flees the family estate in rural Virginia and heads to Richmond. As she works by day and volunteers by night, she finds herself drawn to a handsome doctor. But how can she pursue the longings of her heart when the world she has always known is falling apart around her?

Virginia, Present Day. Nicole Talbot is finally on track and doing well after years of substance abuse. Thanks to a car accident that nearly took her life and ended up saving it instead, she has managed to get sober and stay that way. Now she’s back in college, pursuing a degree in social work, with her wealthy grandmother picking up the tab. But there are strings attached, and when Nicole is forced to choose between honoring those strings and doing something she knows is right, she risks losing not just the financial backing of her grandmother but the trust and support of her entire family. Meanwhile, Nicole struggles to hide a growing attraction to her new boss, a man who is off limits in more ways than one.

My Daughter’s Legacy presents a thrilling tale of two women, centuries apart, who are forced to move beyond their past mistakes, make difficult choices, and open their hearts to true love at last.

Co-authored Cousins of the Dove series:

My Daughter’s Legacy

My Sister’s Prayer

My Brother’s Crown

Written by Leslie Gould:

A Faithful Gathering

A Simple Singing

A Plain Leaving

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