What is Time-slip Fiction?

In the past decade, a new genre of fiction has emerged that weaves together past and present timelines. Novels that contain two or more stories with a powerful bridge between them.

Publishers, authors, and readers call this multiple timeline format by multiple names. Split time. Dual timeline. Hybrid. Twin Strand. Publisher’s Weekly often calls it time-slip— the melding together of two or more stories as readers slip through time. And so, for clarity, we’re calling it time-slip fiction as well.

Whatever it’s called, both readers and authors continue to be swept away by stories that transport them seamlessly across time. And readers often ask us—what other novels can you recommend?

Fellow novelist Brandy Heineman and I have developed this website for readers of faith-based fiction who are looking for more inspirational stories that weave together the past and present. We hope you’ll enjoy the many time-slip novels here!

~Melanie Dobson